Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Wool Museum

OK, where to start? Well, the Amguethfa Wlan Cymru/ National Wool Museum is situated in Drefach Felindre, Wales. Not only is it a fantastic Museum, with a well stocked shop and large cafe, it is also a working mill, producing beautiful woven fabrics, blankets, bags, clothes, scarves etc.
I almost eeeeked with delight when I spied rolls of stunning woven fabrics in the little workshop building, I  discovered the designs I loved the most were by the very talented  Eleanor Pritchard. The Museum Shop was packed full of so much eye candy, I almost burst! I think we all lost track of time for a while, and almost lost track of the children! After gazing lovingly and longingly at shop products, we went through to view the museum exhibits, and witnessed the very old, very large cogged machines turning bundles of sheep wool into yarn. Amazing! Finished products, old and new, were beautifully  displayed in a large gallery on the first floor, offering yet more delicious eye candy! Oh my, I was in heaven that day!

I highly recommend a visit to the Wool Museum, especially if you lust after textiles, patterns, colours, cute handmade gifts and big cogs! You will get to soak up the fascinating history of welsh wool production, witness modern methods, and maybe buy something rather wonderful.    

I discovered Eleanor Pritchard, and fell in love! :)

Blankets woven at the museum

Cushion covers made at the museum

Cute shop goodies!

Bag of wool

Lovely noisy machinery!

Scrumptious colours!


Eye candy, so much eye candy!!

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